SpeakLord-CoverImageSpeak Lord

by Christopher “Kit” Culver
$12.95 Paperback

If you have ever discussed the Bible and its teaching with Christians and non-Christians alike, you’ve probably heard something like this: “That’s fine for you, but everyone has his own interpretation of the Bible.” Sadly, all one has to do is read Christian literature or tune in to Christian radio and television programs to see that this conclusion is not without justification.

Looking across the landscape of contemporary Christianity – even conservative, evangelical Christianity, it does appear that there are numerous ways to read and interpret the Bible. What is the Christian to make of this?

  • Should we conclude that the Bible has no fixed meaning? If so, what good is it? Even more, what does this say about the Bible being inspired by the one true God?
  • If biblical meaning is determinate, is this the case only at the “top level” of the basic doctrines upon which virtually all Christians agree? Does the widely varying interpretation of individual books and contexts indicate that, at this lower level, the Bible is indeed a matter of individual interpretation?
  • But if, on the other hand, the Bible – in whole and in part – cannot legitimately be interpreted in any number of ways, how does the Christian determine which interpretive approach is correct?
  • And should the whole Bible be interpreted in the same way, or should its various parts be approached differently? How does the reader know, and what are those different approaches?
This book seeks to answer these sorts of questions, and it does so by interacting with the Bible on its own terms. It starts from the premise that the Scripture speaks for itself, so that the reader’s responsibility is to learn how to listen to it rather than the multitude of competing voices (including his own). The Body of Christ is bombarded with every kind of Christian literature and teaching, and all of it – even that which speaks truthfully – effectively talks over the top of the biblical text itself. It is there that God speaks to men, so that hearing His voice depends upon learning how to listen to the Bible.